Anna Brinded Illustration


In 2013 I created various digital illustrations for Memrise, a project designed to help in the learning of languages through the use of visual aides known as 'mems'. Mems use word play and visual shorthand, as well as other cognitive memory techniques as a catalyst for word association to assist the process of learning new languages.

For example, 'Andrò' is the Italian word for 'I will go'. This word sounds similar to 'row', like the rowing of a boat. The learner could imagine a man rowing, like this:

image in here

Andrò (I will go) - 'I will go to the finish line, Andròw!'

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D'où venez-vous? (Where are you from?) - 'I like flying on my D'où venez, it has a nice vous. People ask where are you from?'

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Maintenant (Now) - ' "Now , do you like my man-tan?" "Non" '

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Other selected mems